Okay, so… what?

1 Sep

A cabin invokes a number of romantic images. Solace, solitude, nature, simplicity, beauty. A cabin in the woods furthers the imagery. A cabin in the woods that is also on a mountain, talk to you later. But a cabin, in the woods, on a mountain, and said mountain is on an island, what the precious f…, wait!! The cabin in the woods is on a mountain which is on an island that is in the EVER-LOVING PACIFIC OCEAN!!

But what about work? What about it? This cabin in the woods on a mountain on an island in the ocean is commutable, as in 2 hours by transit from downtown Vancouver. Add a vehicle or your own ferry boat and your commute times diminish significantly.

But, but.. how did this cabin get there? The best answer I’ve heard about this particular cabin in the woods on a mountain on an island in the ocean is that this section of this (admittedly modest) mountain was logged in the not too distant (40 or 50 years) past. Three simple logging cabins were built and this is the best one that remains.

So it’s nice right? I mean… wrongo! It’s derelict. The roof looks like it could be planted it’s so… organic.

Samsung2013 183

It’s desecrated. The most recent inhabitants were squatters and left a mess and graffitti’d the place. Here’s a pleasant sample, sorry to offend any sensitivities but it looks a colonic is in my future

Samsung2013 204

Samsung2013 202

Please note, I don’t mean to make light of anyone’s mental health status nor their substance abuse issues. The woman who was squatting here was under the delusion that she was in her father’s old house, which is not the case. Generally I like to make light of problems, It seems to disempower the problem in some manner

? Despite living mostly central city in either Toronto or Vancouver for the past 15 years or so, and perhaps beyond, I’ve long felt the desire for something extra-urban. Food self-sufficiency, living off-grid away from the economic organization we’ve been handed, health, nature. Uncertainties exist, but opportunities present themselves as well. My intention has never been to isolate; quite the contrary, my desire is to create an open space of hospitality in natural surroundings without all the expense of retreats, spas, or whatever.

I think next question needs to be how, as in how did this come about, am I right?


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