Catching Up a Little on 2013- 14

29 Apr

I moved into a yurt the weekend before Easter, mid-April 2014. You may or may not be aware but my initial motivation for launching this blog happened when I moved into a derelict cabin in August of 2013. I lived there for 2 months, committing to a heroic nightshift commute (finish work at 4am, wait 2 hours for a bus to the ferry terminal, then ferry, hitch, hike, up to my cabin). I ended up in the most logical place- worn down and sick. Additionally, the owner of the farm that the cabin is on left the country for the winter. She encountered compounding costs in traveling and felt she could no longer afford to allocate finances toward materials for renovating said cabin. Thus, worn down from my unsustainable commute, potentially having to fund my own cabin renos, I backed off, recuperated and re-evaluated. Admittedly it was deflating and I had to give my depression dragon another (yes another!) kick in the chops. That dragon is pretty relentless but as it turns out, so am I. My only problem is I forget this dragon is not totally extinguishable, only suppressable. That temporary amnesia can sometimes derail me a bit  , even still. Sometimes, admittedly, alot. So that is a paragraph written to describe a big gap in blog posts- it’s sometimes tough to take up battle with the depression dragon and attend to… work schedules, setting up home, entertaining daughters,  blog posts, recovering from illness, celebrating birthdays, on and on. No excuses, just descriptions.

I ended up sharing an apartment on Bowen Island near the cabin through the winter, frequently visiting the farm and cabin to luxuriate in the forest. I also eliminated my commute by staying in the city with the best, meaning most tolerant, friends around. I am able to do a weekend couch surf with my daughters in the city if necessary, and can also drag a bunch of kids out to Bowen Island for the recalibration necessary after too much frequency interference from the urban vibrations. Or just for a break.

The owner of the cabin is back. She is hiring someone to replace the roof and she might live in it- I’m concerned she may end up with a rathole with a really nice roof, but that’s not my issue. The cabin is overrun with rat feces (little shudder even just writing this). I grabbed a tote 3 weeks ago and 2 rats jumped out and did a duck and roll. I made another unmanly noise (humiliating vermin).

So that’s my location- fortuitously a new friend put me on to this yurt on Bowen Island. It’s still a place to embark on some homesteading dreams, and it has hydro, water, a composting toilet already set up. And some arable land, although it’s a little steep. The yurt hasn’t been lived in for a while so it needs some scrubbing, and the water systems need some figuring, but I’ll be working on coops and fences before you know it.

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